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We are getting close to the launch date of our SECOND ANNUAL ONLINE AUCTION.  The auction format will remain the same as last year. The instructions are the same and are repeated below for ease of reference.


If you wish to donate an item please contact the office 834- 4567 before October 6th so we can have your item posted online when we launch.  However you can donate anytime during the auction so keep the items coming. You can also contact any other member of the fundraising committee. Oh yes, items have to be NEW, can’t accept used items.


Gillian Corbett                                                      781-1562

Brad Cole                                                             682-2804

Bob Bennett                                                         782-0388

Beth Cranston                                                      770-6927

Denise Jacobs                                                     740-3575




The auction starts at 8:00 am on Monday October, 9, 2017 and ends on 11:00 pm, Thursday October 26, 2017.   


To bid on an item, all you have to do is go to the right hand side of the page there is a “Register” icon, click it and follow the process to register as a bidder. It’s very user friendly. Once you’ve registered as a bidder, you can view the auction items and start bidding on the items you want.


You will receive an email if someone outbids you on an item. New items may be added anytime during the auction, so keep checking.  The auction was a success last year because of the hard work and all the donations given by you and our greater community.


Many thanks from the fundraising committee and good luck, hope you all have fun with the auction and please spread the word.