"The Church By the Side of the Road"



UPPER GULLIES CEMETERY: For information about the United Church Upper Gullies Cemetery, please click HERE

CHURCH MEMBER INFORMATION UPDATE: Church members are asked to complete the form that can be found HERE (.pdf) or HERE (.doc) or will be included with your annual receipt and either email the completed form to the church office or drop it off in any of the ways indicated on the top of the form. Thank You.



ANNUAL REPORT: You may read copies of the Annual Church Reports by clicking on Reading Material and then the year. Copies may also still be available at the church.



VOLUNTEERS NEEDEDIt takes many people to keep our Church programs running smoothly.  We invite you to consider volunteering your time and talents to assist with your Church. Contact the Church Office @ 834-4567 and leave your name and identify the area in which you wish to volunteer



SCENT AWARENESS: The United Church Of Canada and the Newfoundland & Labrador Conference actively promote a scent free environment in response to the growing number of people who suffer from allergies. There are people in our congregation who suffer from scent-related allergies. We ask that you pay attention to this concern when attending worship services. Thank you for your help in this matter.


HALL/CONFERENCE ROOM BOOKINGS...Just a reminder!! Please check with the Church Office at 834-4567 to ensure space is available ‘before’ planning your meetings and/or events! THE MAIN REASON FOR HIGHLIGHTING THIS REMINDER IS THAT WE MUST PROVIDE ADVANCE NOTICE TO OUR USER GROUPS AND TO THOSE PAYING TO RENT OUR HALL!