"The Church By the Side of the Road"


Outreach Committee
The outreach committee works to support the Mission & Service Fund as well as a wide range of community projects. They also organize several congregational socials throughout the year. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

EMMANUEL HOUSE: Before Christmas representatives of the Outreach Committee visited Emmanuel House with the donated gifts and money raised by the Committee at the Outreach Christmas Dinner and the Coffee Group.



Seniors Home Visits –
The first Tuesday of the month the Outreach Committee visits a senior’s home in the area. Anyone wishing to join us, please contact a member of the Outreach Committee for details.


CBS/Paradise Community Food Bank...Please note that the 1st Sunday of the Month is Food Bank Day. Thank you to all those who support the Food Bank throughout the year. The Food Bank is currently in need of

-   meatballs/gravy

-   tin stews

-   sugar

-   cereal

-   Mr. Noodle

-   powdered juice(tang)

-   tin fruit

-   tin milk

-   tin pasta(zoodles, spaghetti)

-   sidekicks

-   rice

-   crackers

-   Chef Boyardee


Emmanuel House - We collect personal care items for Emmanuel House...and yes, we do take items that are opened!  It can be anything from socks to face cloths.  There is a box located in the vestibule for your convenience.  Please note that Emmanuel House recycles “used” cell phones so if you have an old phone that you would like to donate, bring it in and Outreach will pass it on to Emmanuel House.


Matted and Framed Church Prints - These pictures of the old and the new Church are only $40.00 and make a lovely gift.  Check out our sample prints in the vestibule.


Eyeglass Collection - Do you have old eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses?  If you do, bring them in and place them in the Outreach bin located in the vestibule and we will distribute them to the needy.



OUTREACH CONTACT:  Mildred Coles 781-2092 or Contact the Church Office at 834-4567.