"The Church By the Side of the Road"


We extend A WARM WELCOME to all and especially to those of you who are visiting us for the first time. It is our prayer that God will enrich your life and ours through attendance at Topsail United. If you reside in our community, we invite you to let our church become your church. You may indicate your desire for membership, church envelopes, or a visit from Rev. Kearley or any other way we can help, by providing the information requested below and putting it in the offering plate or returning it to the Church Office.

__Desire a visit from Rev. Kearley            __Change of Address

__Sickness in the family                            __Wish to join the Church


__Wish to have envelopes


Name(s): _________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________

Postal Code: _______________ Phone #: _______________





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