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We are pleased to announce that Topsail United Church has reopened  for IN PERSON worship. Virtual worship will also continue.

Please note we have restrictions on the number of people who can attend so please visit our website or call the church office at 834-4567 for more information. Attendees must register in advance of each service.

We also encourage you to watch this
VIDEO, which outlines what you can expect when you arrive. Please come to the front door only, with your mask on, and allow extra time for distanced entry and seating.

On behalf of the board, I extend a warm welcome to our community of faith as we reconvene our service in person and worship our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Thank you and God Bless 

Brad Cole
Chair, Official Board
Topsail United Church
 . .


Christmas in Memoriam Dedications

If you wish to make a bulletin dedication for Christmas Eve, please

put it in writing & place it in the offering plate, drop it off at the

church office or email it to:  office by

noon Friday,  December 11.

Christmas “Hamper” Donations


In the past the CBS/Paradise Food Bank has distributed over 400 hampers in the form of Gift Cards for food for Christmas.  This year we are expecting an increase in need.


A single person receives $50 Gift Card, a family of 2-3 receives $75 Gift Card and a family of 4 or more receives $100 Gift Card. Please donate as you are able, every bit helps and is gratefully appreciated. Donations will be received up until Jan. 2nd 2021.

 To request a Christmas Hamper in the CBS/Paradise area, please contact the CBS/Paradise Food Bank at 834-2800 by December 4th.

Distribution of the Christmas “Hamper” Gift Cards will be December 14th to the 18th.

The Food Bank will be closed December 19th and will reopen on January 5th.

 Special envelopes are available in church or you can use a regular envelope, just indicate the amount is for “Food Bank Christmas”. All Donations will be credited to your name or envelope number.

Thank you.



Emmanuel House Fundraiser.


We are not able to have the OutReach Christmas Dinner this year and that event usually raises the $500.00 that we give to Emmanuel House at Christmas each year, along with your donated toiletries, new clothes etc. etc. for Stella’s Circle.


The Coffee Group  is having a little fundraiser which involves the purchase of a kit containing 6 Epicure Spices, featuring their top selling seasonings all in a nice collection box: Taco Seasoning, Sweet & Sour Stir Fry, Pulled Chicken, Southern Baked Gluten Free Bread Crumb Mix, Mac & Cheese, and Chocolate Pudding, all for $25.00 per box. Outreach will keep $10.00 of each kit sold.  50 Kits sold will give us our $500.00 any excess will go to the Mission & Service Fund.  These kits make lovely Christmas gifts. 

Please call or email Gillian 781-1562 or by Dec. 7th to place your order for pre-Christmas delivery.  You will be notified when your order is available for pick up at the church. Payment is due on pick up.

      Thank you



Below is the Church Service Schedule until the New Year 




December 13:  Advent 3 Joy       10:30 in-person and on-line

                            Given the difficult year this has been, let’s make
                            an effort to brighten the season by dressing up

                            next week in ‘pretty Christmas sweaters’, ‘ugly
                            Christmas sweaters’ or ‘pretty ugly Christmas
                            sweaters’ or Christmas ties.


December 20:  Advent 4 Love     10:30 on-line only

                Family Sunday featuring a Virtual Pageant
                            presented by Christian and Youth of the


December 21: Longest Night Service (Blue Christmas) 7:00 pm.
                           On-line  Presented by United Church Clergy of
                           St.  John’s and area


December 24:  Christmas Eve         4:00 pm  in-person and on-line

                            Christmas Eve          8:00 pm in-person and
                             on-line (with sacrament of Holy Communion)

* Please note some consideration is being given for an outdoor service on  Christmas Eve, notice will be given if this is able to take place


December 27:  Christmas 1    Christmas Carol Service  on-line only



Our thanks to all  who have participated in our on-line services and special thanks to Brett for all his work in filming and producing the services and to Andrew and Beth for all their music..

2019 ANNUAL CHURCH REPORT: A copy of the Topsail United 2019 Annual Report can be read HERE. This is a DRAFT version subject to approval at the AGM.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Please remember to read the Other Church and Community Announcements for information on other events and activities you may be interested in. Also read the Week's Activities page for information on events taking place in the church in the upcoming week.


PLEASE NOTE: Announcements on this page are those concerning Topsail United Church only. For information about what is happening at other churches, please go to Other Church Announcements and for information about activities in the Community, go to Community Announcements Copies of Annual Reports and Newsletters can be found HERE.

CHURCH GROUPS:  For more information on the different groups and when they meet, CLICK HERE

MINISTER'S VISITS: If you or someone you know, would like a visit from Reverend Kathy,  please contact the church office:    Telephone:  834-4567 or 480-0376   

Email: or

Please read a Christmas Letter from Stella's Circle and consider a gift from their Wish List.

Church Calendars The 2021 church calendars are available now at a cost of $5.00 each. If  you are interested in having one, please contact the church office.



Please check us out on


Please read our November 2020 Newsletter that can be found HERE

The need for donations of food or cash has greatly increased due the impact of the Covid-19 virus. Please consider making a special donation of food or cash to the Food Bank during these troubled times. You can drop your gift off at the Food Bank Tue-Fri between 9:00am and 2:00pm Thank You

We can now receive donations online, and issue tax receipts virtually. Please visit our CanadaHelps page for more details and to donate. 


Highlighted below are the items the Food Bank is currently urgently needing.

1. 3 Pack Powdered Juice
2. Tinned Fruit
3. Sidekicks/pre packaged noodles and rice
4. Mr Noodles
5. Tinned Noodles
6. Condiments (Any and everything)
7. Cookies & Crackers
8. 1L Juice (Apple/Orange Preferred)
9. Cake Mix
10. Jello
11. Chef Boyardee
12. Tinned Tomatoes
13. Rice (Any type, any size)
14. Meatballs and Gravy

15. Tinned Meat (ham, chicken & turkey

16. Tinned Vegetables

17.  Tinned Pasta (Zoodles)

18. Tea Bags

19. Sugar

20. Jam

21. Peanut Butter

22. Cheese Whiz

23. Cereal

24. Tinned Stew

25.  Kraft Dinner

26.  Soup

27.  Coffee

Thank you” to all those of you who have supported the Food Bank with donations of food and money in response to our Christmas Hamper Appeal and in the past.


The Food Bank is located at 81 CBS Highway, Manuels. Phone: 834-2800



COMMUNITY OF FAITH PROFILE: Topsail United Church has revised their Community of Faith Profile. To see a copy of the revised Community Profile please click HERE

MISSION & SERVICE GOLD BANKS.  Many thanks to those people who faithfully support the United Church Mission & Service Fund through their envelopes and PAR donations.  We also provide “Gold Banks” for your loose coins and the total for 2019 in these banks amounted to an extra $298.85 for the M&S fund.  Thank you.  There are some “Gold Banks” in the vestibule and more will be made available. Please take one, put your name on it and bring it back to the church when it is full.  The amount will be credited to your tax receipt.  

BULLETIN DEDICATIONS may be made" in Memory of" or "in Celebration & Thanksgiving for".  You may call the Church office (834-4567) to provide the wording for your dedication or we will call you prior to the date of the dedication for the details.  If we cannot reach you the wording will read " In Memory of Loved Ones, by ...."

PAR (PRE-AUTHORIZED REMITTANCE) is a convenient way to provide consistent, year-round financial support for our Church.  If you would like to contribute through PAR, please contact the office.

SCENT FREE ENVIRONMENT: Topsail United Church expects that staff and people attending functions at the church refrain from using personal products containing fragrances which are known to trigger adverse physical reactions such as respiratory distress and/or headaches. This includes, but not limited to, cosmetics, hair styling products, antiperspirants, deodorants, cologne, hair spray, perfume, after shave, and body wash.



THE UNITED CHURCH BROADVIEW The magazine connects you to congregations across the country and informs you of United Church news locally, nationally and around the world.  FOR ONLY $25 a year (May to May) you receive 11 issues full of wonderful articles about our church and current topics.  To renew or take out a subscription, please put $25 in an envelope marked "Broadview" and your name and place it in the Offering plate.  To find out more and receive a sample of the magazine, please see Gillian Corbett after service.

RECYCLING FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL & YOUTHIf you would like to donate your recycling containers, you may do so by putting a sticker on them labelled “Topsail United Church Sunday School”.  Please feel free to take some labels from the vestibule

USHERS: Looking for ushers, for Sunday services . Please consider contributing to our church family in this way . We are looking for both female and male ushers . Age is not a factor , all are welcome . If you can help out here , please contact the office or Doreen Cave @ 834 5464


Gifts of Vision is your opportunity to change someone’s life while honouring family and friends in any life occasion or season.  Your gifts can transform people’s lives through our Mission and Service partners around the world.  Catalogues are available in the vestibule.

Everyone will find something to share with the special people in their lives. Gifts are available in a range of dollar amounts, as well as for many areas of need: hunger, shelter, education, health, safety, mobility, and more.

 A gift from the catalogue is a celebration of faith, the United Church, and the special events that give our lives meaning. We hope the options offered will allow all of us to help change the world through our gift-giving. 

IN MEMORIAM CARDS EAST DISTRICT CHAPLANCY: East District Executive has given permission for the use of these cards within our Pastoral Charges as a fundraiser for our Chaplaincy ministry.  Expressing condolences through memorial gifts has become a very meaningful way of remembering departed loved ones and friends.  Most obituaries these days either name a charity or give the option of donating to the charity of one's choice.  This practice provides a double benefit.  It gives friends a meaningful way of remembering and helps charitable organizations fulfill their mission in challenging times.  The New are available in the vestibule.

HEARING IMPAIRED: The Board of Topsail United Church wishes to advise members of the congregation that consideration will be given to purchasing for hearing impaired members portable hearing aids for their use during church service at Topsail United Church.  Any hearing impaired member of the Congregation wishing to avail of this potential  service please advise the Church Office or any member of the Board."

MORE CHURCH ANNOUNCEMENTS... See General Church Information for more information about  activities at Topsail United Church.

THE BOARD CARES ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK! If you have a question or comment about an aspect of the operation of the Church that the Board is responsible, do not hesitate to speak to a Board member or to contact the Chair of the Board, by leaving a message at the Church Office 834-4567

SEVERE ALLERGIES: there are persons in our congregation who have a severe allergy to Lilies. Please consider another type of flower if you wish to place flowers in the Church.

SUNDAY SCHOOL NICKELS: The penny is being phased out of Canadian currency. As a result, our Sunday School children will be collecting nickels from the congregation to donate to the 'Nickel Bucket.' There is a bucket available in the vestibule and also one in the Sunday School! Each year, monies collected from the Buckets are donated to a variety of global social justice initiatives.

PARENTS WITH CHILDRENThere is a nursery corner for toddlers available downstairs in the Church Hall during our worship service. The nursery corner features a rocking chair, toy box, and children's furniture. A washroom with a change table is available in the Church Hall. The Conference Room is also available if a private nursing area is required. The Conference Room can be accessed through the side doors at the front of the sanctuary.  There is a washroom located within the Conference Room.  Our children's program, Godly Play, is available most Sundays and is primarily designed for children ages 4 - 11. The Godly Play room is adjacent to the Church Hall and is supervised by two adults, the storyteller and the door person. 

FOOD ALLERGIES: During our Sunday morning children’s ministry, Godly Play, we often share a small meal, “the feast”, consisting of fruit juice, water, cookies, and/or fruit. Please notify our Godly Play leaders if your child has any food allergies or special requirements.


LARGE PRINT BULLETINS: We have available in the front Vestibule some large print bulletins for anyone who may need one, just ask the ushers


OVERFLOW PARKING: The S.U.F. have kindly offered the use of their parking to us for Sunday mornings when our own car park is full.


CHURCH ACTIVITIES & GROUPS:   You will find on the various pages of this web site information about the activities for all the Church Groups. Plan to become an active member of your church. Information on most programs can be found by Clicking Here